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teresa dubina

I really dont think there is anymore room in prison for anyone. my ex husband is going to the pen for 7 1/2 years, and i always thought that prisons were for the murderers,and rapist and things like that. I think in oklahoma they just like to see people suffer or something, come on they send people to the pen for just about anything anymore. i wont say i blame them on some cases, but they complain they are over populated, well STOP sending just anyone there and we wouldnt have that problem. innocent people that dont need to go to the pen spend all there life there, and hardened criminals go free. where my ex is at, IN COUNTY yet, they are releasing child molesters, and sending others to the pen. Wake up and send the right ones away, and we wont have the problem of overcrowding, or anything like that... LET THE NOT SO BAD ONES GO AND LOCK UP THE BAD ONES..

Catheryn Fields

Get real...."crime" is revenue!! Oklahoma is not going to change the way they are running things. People are being charged with charges that are upgraded ( felonys instead of misdemeanors), out of fear pleaing for "paper time" not realizing that it will come back and bite them in the butt later, and eventually being recycled in the system for revenue.
Court fees, fines, assessments, probation fees, etc. Half of the time people are charged with outrageous charges to scare them into taking a plea, the D.A. for that county...come election year can use that golden number as a refrence to "cases prosecuted",(without having to prove guilt in a court of law),for his re-election.
By the way incumbants have approx. an 80% chance of being re-elected anyway.
If your tired of your tax dollars going to new prisons (like Oklahoma needs any more!!), food, medical care, etc. for those already incarcerated then vote, and research who's looking for the "answers" to restructure the system to make it cost efficient for tax payers, while still upholding the law.
I also get angry when I see people who are imprisoned for multiple DUI offenses, people who are behind in child support payments, etc. ,basically blue collar criminals put behind bars with real criminal such as child molesters, rapist, murders, and hardened criminals.
Oklahomas legislators have the answers to correcting these issues, yet should they be implimented the bottom line is those countys, this state would loose revenue created from the infractions of it's citizens. And yes I said citizens, having a criminal record doesn't exclude anyone from this title.

Melissa K.

My son is incarcerated in the Lexington Prison for armed robbery. He was the driver of the get a way car and never went in or held a gun (the gun was fake). He received 10 years with 5 - 7 years to serve which could destroy this very fragile man who at 22 is still very much a boy. His first weeks there he was beaten by some other inmates then got in trouble because he wouldn't rat them out, which would have probably caused more beatings. This is a non violent man with two small boys who need their father. Sending him home early, on parole or with the monitor would by far be more humane than letting him languish in the Lexington prison system.
Thank you.

Cindy Lovett

Rape, murder, assault, robbery and drug crimes ARE blue collar crimes.

David Nelson

My wife who had a terminal medical condition caused by "systemic lupus" was incarcerated for prabation violation of hot checks.
We had already been successful in getting on the transplant list over a year before.
My wife was dead within a year.
Sombody tell me our prison system works.

Leslie Reed

I think that the prison sentence for a crime involving a child should be death no matter what this crime is. These babies can not defend themselves agianst these violent men and women. I had a cousins baby that was killed by his babysitter. She taped and bowned his legs and arms. He was crying through nap time is all this baby was doing. He was gaged and then he vomitted and aspirated on his own vomit. He later died at a hosital and the babysitter was charged with first degree murder. This is only one way to punish her and that is to make her die Just the way she made that baby suffer if I had my say about it. I can not stand that all these men and women are locked up for long periods of time that are not violent and then these men and women that are violent are walking our streets free. PLEASE FREE ALL THE NON VIOLENT PRISONERS FOR MORE ROOM FOR THE ONES THAT ARE VIOLENT!


I would have to agree with you all on them putting people in prison for minor things. My husband is facing 5 years for violating his probation. My husband was in a horrable car wreck and wasn't suppose to be out of the bed.He could barely move. Some guy came to our house and threatened me and my kids and forced his was in to our house. He went after my husband and my husband stabbed him. They tried to get my husband for attempted murder, but dropped it to assault and battery with a deadly weapon. The guy that came in to our house was not charged with anything. We ended up having to move back to ohio because we were not able to work and lost everything. we moved in with his parents, and tried to get all of his probation and community sentanceing sent up here and they would not do nothing.He is now looking at 5 years for violating is probation. He is being taken away from his family for protecting us. He was trying to do the right thing and he has never been in trouble before. All he has ever done was try to take care of his family. I am now here with 5 kids and having to fight to keep a place for us to live.


The comments about the crime being a revenue is so true. This is true everywhere. If you don't have money, you lose, innocent or not. My baby brother is in Lexington right now, and will be for the next 20 years, if the D.A. has her way. My brother is a good man, never hurt anyone, never would and never will, he was put in prison by a scheming ex-wife-pointing a finger at him accusing him of awful crimes. There was no proof, is no proof. It was solely a matter of he said she said. Well, she was more convincing, he had a terrible lawyer, who intentionally helped him lose the case. Warning, don't hire Chris Eulberg if you want to win a case, he will rip you off, even hang up on you while trying to talk to him. He is as much to blame for my brother going to prison as his ex-wife. Meanwhile, I just pray that the truth will come out, and justice will truly be what it is supposed to be-Justice. I have lost faith in the whole government, D.A.s Lawyers, the whole system...when I see someone is a suspect in a crime now, I don't jump to the conclusion that they must be guilty if the police have arrested them. In Oklahoma, apparently, all you have to do is point a finger at someone to have them arrested...and use connections to the D.A.... to have them put away. Oklahoma, I used to think was a great beautiful land full of good people. That was in my naive days.


Criminal law is unfortunate in all states. I know that everyone has a story but the law is what it is. If you meet the elements of a crime you are guilty of that crime. Go work with your legislator to get it changed because it will not be done by a court.

If you are not familiar with the lemon law in Wisconsin, you need to pay attention. The first thing is to know what exactly a lemon is. A lemon is a new vehicle which has the following characteristics and the warranty period of one year has not yet expired.


I understand everyones anger behind Oklahoma Prisons. My husband is incarserated in Hominy on a violaton from 1997. They revoked his sentence (mind you it was possession with intent) and he is doing an 18 year setence. Come on now you can rap and kill babies and do county time, but if you become an addict you will do live in Oklahoma.

OKC Wedding Photographer

I think the same problem is happening in any parts of the world. The solution may lie to educate and give work to people so they have other things to do than commit crimes like theft and others.


Its not just the laws you guys. the problem lies with the fact that this is a capitalist society.
Billions can be stolen and have not trace as to how while the executives make fortunes. this works in almost all systems the working class familys are unable to own homes for the level of taxes, the family life is only enjoyable if you have money to spend time with them, and while I've said this before im told churches are a great family enviornment however give them ten percent of the chicken scratch you get it will come back to you.
Laws like no talking on your cell phone while cops use radios clearly means they are smarter than you lol. i guess since talking to much makes driving dangerous they will soon moniter if your passengers are talking while you drive and order ear plugs lol. about the prisons realeasing horid criminals and holding lesser affenders that was well covered im just saying that they make new laws everyday to fatten the state and federal purse and keep a part of our economy running. you know its still writen in Oklahoma law they have to give you a horse a rifle and 20 dollars in silver. so be sure and collect lol. and its illegal to curse even though feedom of speech and expresion should overide that la de da!
its a capitalist society and the middle class is fadeing leaving upper and lower and who do you think are the ones making the everyday life move along as we pay for the luxery of the fat pursed rich citizens?

Tulsa Wedding Photographer

I think these is the number one problem of the world right now ..
just because many people have no possible business or work right now!!cause of the percentage of the population right now..
great posts...!!!

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Well i think right now this is the number one problem of our world now because many people have no possible job and business right now !!
just because the percentage of the population are very bigger now !
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suzi endrina

Department of Correction inmates being detained in County jails across Oklahoma are not recieving the same basic benefits being afforded to other DOC Inmates. In Payne County Oklahoma the average wait time for an inmate to be transported to Lexington assessment and recieving center is eight (8) months. During that period of time the inmates are not recieving time levels, proper medical treatment, excercise and recreation time equivelent to state operated prison yards. The time levels are especially an area of concern as they provide inmates with "GOOD DAYS" which expedites their release, hence; the overcrowding problems. The inmates in PC have been quoted as saying " We understand the States Problem with bed space in Lexington A and R center." We are simply requesting our level 3 and level 4 time to be awarded to the inmates upon transport to Lexington. We are currently loosing large amounts of earned GOOD DAYS on top of being confined in a maximum security setting. We are simply asking for the same considerations afforded to every DOC inmate on a yard, Nothing More Nothing Less. Currently an inmate being housed in a county jail awaiting transport to Lexington is being held as what is known as level 2 time. When the inmate is then transported to Lexington he must then wait an additional 4 months before they are eligible for level 3 time. Therefore the amount of actual days served for inmates is double that of an inmate which is transported in a timely fashion, or is moved to a County Jail that is a certified HOLDING Facility for the DOC. The inmates being held in these County Jails recieve their level 3 time precisely the same as if they were in a State operated facility. Regular County Inmates that are forced to wait 8 months before being transported to DOC are requesting the same consideration..

JULY 2010....

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Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity. So let us seize it, not in fear, but in gladness. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want, and if they cannot find them, make come on everyone.

air yeezy

Great minds think alike.

air yeezy

I had never been interested in keeping a blog until I saw how interesting yours was, then I was inspired!


the father of my child is in oklahoma county jail right now waiting to be transfered to lexington. been there since oct 12th. his lawyer didnt change his court dates like he said he was going to so they put out a warrant for his arrested and said he was "running" and held him without bond, wouldnt listen to what his lawyer had to say about what was going on, they just wanted to put him away pretty much.. since he has been there, he told me that they have been eating bologna sandwich's for about 3 weeks now breakfast, lunch and dinner?!! i dont agree with how they handle the court system now days at all. hes in there for pretty much nothing right now, missing out on his daughter's life..

Oklahoma Wedding Photographers

I hope they would do something about this issue because even prisoners need a decent treatment.


I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.


I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

Shox R4

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