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Kevin Hill

Join Labor, Faith and Community Activists at the Capital to fight back attempts to steal Municipal Employees right to form a Union. Let's make sure that workers comp "reform" is fair to working families and not a giveaway to big business.
With the House changing hands, this is going to be a session like we've never seen before! We must let them know that we won't let them steamroll workers rights on Oklahoma!

When: Wednesday, Feb. 16th
Where: South steps of the Capital Building

We are urging ALL working families in Oklahoma to bring their friends, neighbors... anyone, to the Rally. Let's really send a message.

Note: the Municipal Employees Bargaining Act was passed with overwhelming Democratic support in the last session. This year there are three House bills and five Senate bills to repeal it, weaken it, or remove certain workers from it (Municipal Hospital Workers, especially). Let's support the Legislators and Senators who passed this worker friendly legislation and let those who oppose it hear our voices
PLEASE: pass this info on to as many boards, blogs, websites as you can.

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